Bluetooth pairing

If you are using an iPad and an iPhone with the same Apple-ID, you dont have to manage the pairing, all your Apple devices are paired right from the beginning.

Android users have to manage the connection first:

  1. Go to Settings -> Bluetooth (on both devices)
  2. Connect to the device you like to connect (on one of the two devices)
  3. A six-digt number should apear on the other device
  4. Accept the connection

Bluetooth remote

To control your main device with a remote control, do these steps:

  1. Start the Remote-Screen on the device you like to use as the remote-control (on Android, this is the start-screen)
  2. Click the Bluetooth-button on your main-device
    1. in Pages -> Bluetooth-Button
    2. in Detail -> Settings -> Connect to remote
  3. After a while, all available devices will be shown
    1. If the status-button on the remote-device turns red, you are able to change the status by tapping on the status-button
    2. The status on the remote-device should be yellow while not paired with the iPad, after successfully pairing, it will turn green
  4. Chose the device with the remote-control
  5. Control your main device remotely

Touchpad on the RC

The touchpad on the remote-control has these function:

  1. Click (play/pause Autocue)
  2. Scroll (up/down)
  3. Fling (up/down)
  4. Next/Prev (left/right)
  5. Disable scrolling (click will work in any case)


The following formats are supported at this moment:

  • PDF
  • TXT
  • Web pages
  • playin text

To import a new Page:

  1. Open the App, from where you have access to the desired file (for example: if you like to import a webpage, open Safari and open the page you want to import)
  2. Click the Share-Button
  3. The text will be shown in the Share-Dialog
  4. Change the Page-Title
  5. Click the "Add"-Button


You are able to set the min and max value in the Settings-App of Apple.

Just go to the Settings app, scroll down to the QuotTeleprompter and click it to open the App's setting. You will see the version number and four values:
Minimum size
Maximum size
Minimum speed
Maximum speed


The main App runs on iOS, so the teleprompting will only be available on your iPad.
The remote-control is also available on Google Play Store.

Download for free (Pro-Features will be available by In-App-Purchase)